Hazelnut Hacked into a Dress? Yes Please!!

Jennifer’s Hazelnut Hack: a cool and comfy all occasion dress!


Jennifer sewed up the Hazelnut as a knee length dress. Attaching the long cuffed options, and scrunching the sleeves up to 3/4 length gives this look a easy, casual flair. We love the matching belt she sewed up too! She kept the fun curved hem of the top option, see the steps below to learn how she did it!

Step 1 – Wearing an existing Hazelnut Top in regular length, measure the additional length needed to make the hem knee length.

Step 2 – Place paper under the bottom of the pattern and, using a ruler, extend the hem by following the line of the side seam down to the desired new hem length. **Note, extend the front and back pieces by the same amount.

Step 3 – Using a French curve (or the bottom of the original top pattern piece) copy the curved hem line onto the new hem length, replicating the slight curved hem line.


Step 4 – Sew shoulder and side seams per pattern instructions.

Step 5 – Choose the ‘long cuff’ pattern piece option, sew, and attach per pattern tutorial instructions.


 Step 6 – Finish the neck band and hem the dress according to the pattern tutorial instructions.

Step 7­ – The dress tie was made by using the width of the fabric for the length and cutting it 6 inches wide, tapering to a point at each end. Fold in half right sides together and sew from the point, and all the way down the belt stopping 2 inches before the end of the other point. Turn right side out, press the open edges of the last 2 inches under, and press with a hot iron. Topstitch the opening closed.















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