Gardenia meets Violet Loungers and has a romper baby! What!?

This is one pattern mash-up you have to see to believe! Our bright, beautiful, and talented pattern tester Deb Hansson created the. most. stunning. romper by mashing the Violet Loungers and the Gardenia Dress & Top! Grab your FREE Tutorial expertly written by Deb, with step by step instructions and color photos here

When she first announced her plan, we were all kind of like 'What!?' But it didn't take long for us to get all kinds of excited at the idea. It turns out, it's a pretty simple mash-up! Deb was very thoughtful in the design process, going so far as to think of scooping a lower neckline in the back to make getting the romper on and off easier. It's amazing from head to toe, from the flutter sleeve cold shoulder to the fun contrast pockets!

Isn't this just so cool and stylish!?

Try one out today with our FREE full color tutorial! Don't have the Violet and Gardenia yet? Grab them both for 25% off with the code HACKSTER

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  • Liezel Claassens

    I love these patterns.

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