A Time For Every Season...and V Neck!

Let's talk real life for a minute. I mean, busy, pulled-in-all-directions kind of life. There's a time for all-in master level sewing techniques like making my own jeans, bras, and specialty necklines. But sometimes I have to remember to give myself some grace in the busiest seasons and choose a 'cheater' or 'faux' technique when that's what works best for me!

As a wife and mom of 3, I am so in that busy, messy, wonderful, don't blink or you'll miss it time! Some days I'm pulled in a million different directions and dog gone it I just want to take a fast break and whip out a super cute shirt for me, my kids, or a last minute gift for someone I love. (Maybe because I forgot to pick one up while at the store and there's no time to go back, so homemade top and card it is, hehe!)

The Phlox Tank Top & Dress is a quick sew, even the Faux V Neck option! It certainly has a place in the "I need it done yesterday!" sewing goals. 

When you simply don't have the time to use a million pins, stitch, seam rip, and retry for that perfect V Neck, try this faux method!

Just stitch the neck band or binding on like normal (see tutorial in the Phlox Tank & Dress Pattern), taking care to pivot slightly at the V in the front of the neckline. 

Next, turn your tank top or dress inside out and pin the V right sides together. Begin 1/8 of an inch in from the fold in the BINDING (1/4 inch for a neck BAND) and slowly stitch at an angle down towards the edge of the fold. Stop stitching when you reach the edge where the binding meets the top and THAT'S IT! 

Just backstitch or tack down with a shortened stitch length to secure. Turn the top right side out and savor the victory of a quick satisfying sew!!

Sew on through every season you find yourself in! 


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